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Caritas is a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) based in Ethereum, and compatible with any EVM chain.

Caritas aims to establish a distributed set of organisational DAOs for use by charitable organisations to disburse funds to works deemed as charitable on a per-DAO basis and set up a hierarchy of remittances of funds between DAOs such that upper layers of the DAO can allocate funds to causes they care about at more action-focused groups at lower layers of the Caritas network.

Caritas uses stablecoins to distribute funds in a hierarchical manner, with multiple roots, between like-minded DAOs.

Caritas can be used to make donations in stablecoins at any layer of the DAO, and can be distributed to as many or as few charitable causes as required in order to justify the means of the donation. Since Caritas uses stablecoins, funds injected through donations result in corresponding fiat allocations to those projects across the world for which the donations were intended. Stablecoins are not subject to market trading but instead are tied to the fiat currency spent by charitable organisations. This protects somewhat the investment of those providing donations, and guarantees that what they donate results in the effect that they intended.

Caritas also introduces the PAX reputational token for use in reputation staking, voting and remuneration by every DAO in Caritas. The PAX token is internal to each DAO and it is intended that each DAO will have its own instance of the PAX token specific to their DAO. PAX coins must not be tradeable outside of the DAO to prevent trading in reputation, and is simply a means of governance within the DAO.

The technology created by Grexie for Caritas will be a functionally complete implementation of a new societal voting system for use in governments and wider society. This is important for improving the world.

By giving people the opportunity to vote on their areas of interest, and funds disbursed from upper layers of the DAO, effective government is formed for a new democratic society based on what it is each of us desires and envisions for the evolving world.